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aaXia specializes in graphic design and media, give your site that customized & tailored look that gives you the competitive edge. Also, we design periphrials, everything to Pro packaging to business cards.


Contact us today for a custom quote for graphic design, website development, and internet hosting. aaXia Interactive is located in New York for your advertising and branding needs!

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aaxia projects

aa/xia projects: With our many years of experience in design and web technology, our dedicated team has helped countless small and medium-sized businesses accomplish their marketing goals on time and within budget. Explore our creative professional services and contact us to get started.

Here are a few of our client pages.

  • The Brain Clinic, NY. Neuropsychological Evaluations and Treatments

  • Studio 31 Book Design

  • Migraine Treatments in New York, Biofeedback

  • The MCAT Institute

  • Handbag and Fashion Design Store, New York

  • IbisPress Books Online

  • Cognitive Remediation, New York

  • Forensic Neuropsychology, New York

  • Linda Arnold Studio

  • High Stakes Testing ny

  • Marco Manufacturing, business site, New Jersey

  • Books by James Wasserman

  • Artist, Germany

  • Egyptian Book Of The Dead

  • Book Site

  • Cartoonist, Vanity Fair Magazine

  • Ever Since That Operation.. (what is P.O.C.D)

  • Milton Erickson M.D. Hypnosis Lectures

  • Everyone Reading

  • New Falcon Books, Occult book publisher, Los Angelis

  • Systrum, Musical Instrument Manufacturer.

  • Learning Disability Testing

  • Pediatric Neuropsychologist NY

  • Hexx 9 Records, New York. Record Company.

  • George Ellis Dance

  • Swirling Star, Ordo Templi Orientis website, Fla.

  • Progressive Music Radio Station, NYC

  • music site, hexx 9 records artist

  • Coreport, building contractors, NYC

  • music site, hexx 9 records artist

  • Pearl-Ice Products