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CMS :: Content Management System  ~  one of our most popular requests! 

CMS provides a level of website management that was unheard of just a few years ago.  A CMS site is fantastic for keeping your site up-to-date and relevant.

Set up your Website with CMS from aaXia Interactive for the kind of flexibility you need! Update files direct from your office through a browser; manage your Search Engine
Optimization; and much more!

NOTE:  keeping your content updated on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts!   And speaking of SEO, CMS sites are also very good for SEO efforts since they are specifically designed with search engines in mind.  The other great thing about CMS is its ability to archive your content.  You can keep only the most relevant stuff on top, while still giving access to the older stuff for visitors (and search engines) who want to dig back into the archives a bit.

A Content Management System is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them.

Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don’t have to.

Updating is made easy, much like working with Microsoft Word. Press ‘apply’ after making a change, and it’s instantly live on your site!

Who uses CMS:

  • Corporate Web sites or portals
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Government applications
  • Small business Web sites
  • Non-profit and organizational Web sites
  • Community-based portals
  • School and church Web sites
  • Personal or family homepages

IT people and web designers are usually expensive. An aaXia-installed CMS system is the perfect solution for your business, as all updates can be made in-office without need to know any coding, and without needing IT or a web designer.

Many companies and organizations have requirements that go beyond what is available in the basic CMS package. In those cases, an aaXia-installed CMS is a powerful low cost application framework making it easy for developers to create sophisticated add-ons that extend the power of CMS into virtually unlimited directions. The core CMS framework enables developers to quickly and easily build:

Inventory control systems

Data reporting tools

Application bridges

Custom product catalogs

Integrated e-commerce systems

Complex business directories

Reservation systems

Communication tools


aaXia CMS and Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a Website from search engines. SEO can also be referred to as
SEF, or Search Engine Friendly.

By converting your existing site into SEO friendly links and metadata, your site will be listed and found much easier with search engines, Google in particular. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to change metatags (search engine reference scripting, usually hidden in the code and unaccessable unless you are a web designer!), or modify
site text for an optimized keyword search.


An unprecedented amount of control is available to *YOU* by using an aaxia-installed CMS website.

A custom aaxia-installed CMS website starts at $995, installed on aaxia servers. You’ll never need to worry about waiting for updates to your site again! *YOU* are in control, plus aaXia offers support and 99.9 % uptime on lightning fast servers, with a fast turnaround time for new set ups.

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design studio: (646) 319-6002 (US)